Scifest Africa 2016 offered more than 56,000 visitors from Southern Africa a festival programme consisting of 65 exhibitions and 706 events, presented by 328 contributors from 76 organisations in South Africa and six other countries, and received media coverage to the value of ZAR 5,6 million from 1 January - 31 March 2016. 

Here are a few links to the cool videos from Scifest 2016

Scifest Africa 2016 - The Grand Official Opening Gala

Beneath the skin productions- Speed Hunter

Dr Rob Gess, Albany Museum - The unusual coelacanth fossil find

Clarice Greyling - Detection of learning difficulties

Case Rijsdijk Astronomical Society of SA - Telescopes as time machines

Professor Eric Wilcots, USA - Welcome to the neighbourhood

 iRhini Science Festival

Yolanda Nkala, Centre of Science and Technology, Cape Town – Innovation

Shagita Gounden, SKA SA - The Square Kilometre Array radio telescope

 Kate Robey, Council for Geoscience - The role of groundwater in South Africa

Janet Kalis, RU - Exploring the genealogy of the clans on the Wild Coast

Professor William Edmonson NIA, USA - The big picture

Jim Adams NASA - Solving the technological challenges of the Journey to Mars

Dr Stephen Ashworth – Kitchen Chemistry: Seconds

Lucy Hunt - How the length of acquaintanceship predicts attractiveness

Dr Graham Walker, Australia – Dr Graham’s Blow-up Science

Professor Mike Bruton - Who was South Africa’s greatest inventor?

Habib Noorbhai - The evolution of the backlift batting technique in cricket

The Best of Die Physikanten

Laser Show

Revealing secrets of the universe: NASA’s missions to the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto

Jim Adams, NASA, USA Technology: How investing in space is changing your life on Earth

Adriana Marais, UKZN Centre for Quantum Technology Quantum what what

Kelly Jardim, St Andrew’s School, Welkom Improving speed and accuracy in reading

If I told you science has limits, would you believe me?

Breaking down barriers in the STEM field

Dr Ellen Stofan, NASA, USA Looking outward, inward and homeward: NASA science and you

Dr Catherine Coleman, NASA Astronaut Office, USA Space exploration: What’s next for NASA

Meet a Mars rover driver

Sunset Show

FameLab South Africa

Dr Claudia Alexander, NASA - The Rosetta Mission: To land on a moving comet

Dr Wanda L. Diaz Merced, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA - Music from the stars

Panel Discussion: NASA: Setting science alight

Latest News

First tetrapods of Africa lived within the Devonian Antarctic Circle

22nd June 2018
The first African fossils of Devonian tetrapods (four-legged vertebrates) show these pioneers of land living within the Antarctic Circle 360 million years ago. The evolution of tetrapods from fishes ...

Scifest Africa 2018

9th May 2018
Scifest Africa celebrated its 22nd anniversary Scifest Africa, South Africa’s National Science Festival, was established in 1996 to promote the public awareness, understanding and appreciation ...

Upcoming Events

The SCIFEST-BASF Tour is coming your way!

20th - 25th August
Through the continued support of BASF Holdings South Africa, Scifest Africa is set to embark on a journey that aims to interact with as many learners, teachers and members of the public as possible. ...

South Africa's National Science Festival

6th - 13th March
The 2019 festival will take place in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape from 6-12 March. The theme will celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements as proclaimed by the United ...


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