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Scifest Africa 2019

2018-08-28T09:50:06+02:00Aug 28th, 2018|

Scifest Africa celebrating 23rd anniversary South Africa’s National Science Festival, Scifest Africa, will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary event from 6-12 March 2019 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. The theme for 2019 is “Discover your element”, with reference to the 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements as proclaimed by the United Nations. In 2018, Scifest Africa attracted more than 62,000 visitors and offered a festival programme that consisted of 65 exhibitions and 701 events, presented by 284 contributors from 77 organisations in South Africa and the international STI sector. The national science festival received media coverage to [...]

The SCIFEST-BASF Tour is coming your way!

2018-08-01T11:11:35+02:00Aug 1st, 2018|

Through the continued support of BASF Holdings South Africa, Scifest Africa is set to embark on a journey that aims to interact with as many learners, teachers and members of the public as possible. The SCIFEST-BASF road tour, scheduled to take place on 20-25 August,  is one of many tours that will see the promotion of public awareness, understanding and appreciation of STEMI through innovative events with entertainment value and scientific integrity journey through the Eastern Cape. Schools can look forward to a tour, which promises hands-on educational workshops, fun and interactive science shows and deep and meaningful community engagement [...]

First tetrapods of Africa lived within the Devonian Antarctic Circle

2018-08-01T10:55:53+02:00Jun 22nd, 2018|

The first African fossils of Devonian tetrapods (four-legged vertebrates) show these pioneers of land living within the Antarctic Circle 360 million years ago. The evolution of tetrapods from fishes during the Devonian period was a key event in our distant ancestry.  Recently discovered fossils from the latest Devonian Waterloo Farm locality near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, published today in Science, force a major reassessment of this event. "Whereas all previously found Devonian tetrapods came from localities which were in tropical regions during the Devonian, these specimens lived within the Antarctic circle", explains lead author, Dr Robert Gess of the [...]