Seeking to create an awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, technology and innovation, Scifest Africa is introducing a three-pronged foray into digital communication with webinars, science demonstrations and Do-it-Yourself (DIY) sessions.

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Webinars are the perfect platform for our SciTalk programme: sessions will be tailored as panel discussions, conversations, debates, interviews or presentations. These webinars will explore a wide range of hot topics and will not be afraid to delve into some of the more contentious issues out there – and to look for innovative solutions to global and national problems.

Join Prof Mike Bruton, Scifest Advisory Committee Chair, in conversation with  Steve Sherman from Living Maths at the first of these webinars ‘The Nature of African Innovations’ on Tuesday 26 May at 4pm. To register for this webinar – click the button below.

Science Demos

With many learners currently being home-schooled, this series of interventions will explain concepts through visual and practical demos that will prove the scientific principles at work. Expect some fun, wacky and wild ways for your children to figure out physics and connect with chemistry – and parents will finally understand the concept they were taught 20 years ago! Contributors will be encouraged to use kitchen ingredients and homeware for these demos, allowing parents and learners to safely try these experiments at home.

Demos will kick off in June – pop back here to see the line-up or sign-up for our newsletter and receive advance notifications as events are announced.

DIY Sessions

Scifest Africa’s DIY sessions cover innovative ideas on how to make various essential items at home – rather than buying them. A series of short videos will show viewers how to adapt, reuse or combine household items to create completely new items. In time, we hope to be able to also offer DIY presentations on gardening and growing, harvesting water, sunlight, etc. Watch this Space!