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    Please note: 1) While every effort will be made to accommodate contributors regarding the capacity of their workshops, the final capacity will depend on availability of venues. 2) The ticket price for workshops is R25.00, which covers the costs of ticket office staff, the ticket system, tickets and other ticket office overheads. Additional costs will only be added should the workshop include kits or component to be retained by the participants. Contributors may wish for the ticket price for their workshop(s) to be waived. It it is the responsibility of the contributor to secure sponsorship to cover the ticket price payable to Scifest Africa. Payment of sponsorship to Scifest Africa is due no later than 7 December 2018, and no tickets will be booked or issued if payment is not received.
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  • All workshops at Scifest Africa MUST be interactive, i.e. include hands-on activities. If your workshop is a Talkshop, then enter N/A (Not Applicable). Maximum 100 words
  • Please list the learning outcomes and core knowledge areas to which your workshop relates. Maximum 100 words
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    All exhibitors and workshop presenters are allocated a 100-word entry in the Scifest Africa Official Programme featuring a full-colour company logo as well as a website address. If a company presents more than one exhibition, or both an exhibition and a workshop(s), the company logo will be used in the first exhibition entry and publicity images will be used in the second exhibition entry and/or the workshop entry.
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    Scifest Africa will ensure that the correct number of tables and chairs are provided as per the maximum venue capacity determined by the Fire Department or as indicated in the registration form
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  • Charged per hour. Please ensure that you bring computer sound
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